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Pat Colee's Two Cents: Travel Tips & Top Spots

Fish In The Sea.

Our passion for exploring and the next adventure comes directly from the top. Career globetrotter and Noble House Chairman Pat Colee shares a few of his personal favorite destinations and travel tips.


Most Memorable Travel Experience

“I’ve dived all over – the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Keys. But I’ll never forget diving in Belize at the Big Blue Hole. Just arriving by boat was one of the most amazing visual experiences of my life. The water was totally flat that day, totally turquoise, and all of sudden, you see this dark deep hole coming closer until there’s no more turquoise, just dark. I thought it would swallow me up.”


Most Valuable Travel Tip

“Hire someone – a local, maybe – to take you around. It enriches the entire experience; there’s only so much Internet research you can do beforehand, and a local knows the little things, the little secrets.”


Three Favorite Travel Destinations?

Corsica – “The history of this coastal community, going all the way back to 3000 BC, fascinates me.” Solomon Islands – “It’s third world and rough around the edges, but such a real place. If you can get beyond the roughness, you’ll find a beautiful place and culture.” The Grenadines – “Locals know how to enjoy themselves, and they’ll share it with you. Plus, it’s so unspoiled.”


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