Board of Directors

Dedicated to the highest standards of customer service and excellence.

At Noble House Hotels & Resorts, our Board of Directors is more than just a collection of talented business executives. Each board member takes great pride in his role in the company and is a hands-on, visionary industry professional who puts quality first. Each one understands that satisfying guests – and employees – is the most important measure of any hotel’s worth.

A message from Pat Colee:
“We create hotels and resorts with the complete customer experience in mind. Noble House properties provide a sense of escape from everyday life – for both our leisure and business guests. Our philosophy emphasizes “location, distinction and soul,” and in that spirit, we work hard to ensure that Noble House hotels, resorts, restaurants and spas harmonize with the local culture and environment — and are unique destinations that cannot be duplicated. Often with the help of local artists and artisans, each entity is carefully designed to reflect the style and ambiance of its respective surroundings.”

Patrick R. Colee - Founder & Chairman

Patrick R. Colee

Founder & Chairman

As the owner, founder and chairman of the board of Noble House, Pat Colee is responsible for the direction and philosophy of the company and is personally involved in the development, design and overall direction of each hotel. Colee has always had a fascination with culture and the distinctive blend of people, history, art, music, architecture, design and community that collectively defines a region. With a combination of these essential elements and three decades of experience as a hospitality executive and real estate developer, Colee created and continues to direct Noble House Hotels & Resorts. In 1976, he co-founded Pacific Seaboard Group in Seattle, developing over one million square feet of office and hotel space. Since then, Colee has been involved with every aspect of the real estate industry, holding executive positions with Westgroup Partners (which he founded), C.J. Segerstrom & Sons, Maguire Thomas Partners, and Gerald Hines Interests. A native of Los Angeles, Colee holds a BA from the University of Southern California.

John M. Donoghue - CEO

John M. Donoghue


Now the Chief Executive Officer of Noble House Hotels & Resorts, Donoghue has steadily climbed the ranks since he joined the company’s Commercial Division in 1981. In his current position, Donoghue is responsible for the overall executive management of Noble House and construction for Noble House’s Commercial Division, including supervision of property management, marketing, and construction for over 2,500,000 square feet of office buildings, hotels and parking facilities throughout California, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, and Florida. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington.

James P. Colee - President of Development

James P. Colee

President of Development

Currently President of Development, James Colee began his career at Noble House Hotels & Resorts as an intern in 1993. Since then, James has worked his way through various development related positions over the years, with responsibilities such as analyzing prospective investments, project management and oversight, co-founding Noble House Purchasing, and managing property insurance claim losses, to name a few. In his current position, he is responsible for formulating and regulating all of the company’s capital spending in addition to the oversight of all construction; from initial due diligence to design coordination and permitting through construction to final occupancy and turnover to the hotel operations team. Furthermore, he oversees the purchasing and design operations for Noble House Purchasing. He holds a Bachelor of Science in economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Scott Colee - Chief Marketing & Creative Officer

Scott Colee

Chief Marketing & Creative Officer

A leader at the company for 12 years, Scott drives the company’s marketing strategy, creative output and brand development. As such, Scott works across several departments, overseeing the core standards for the company and guiding all marketing initiatives. Scott founded the company’s internal ad agency, which is responsible for governing the company’s creative assets, and developing all media, web, electronic and print, for the various entities and outlets. As part of the Development team, Scott oversees master planning as well as architectural and interior design. The Retail department falls under his responsibility as well, where he initiates and provides strategic direction to the operating team, and drives profitability.

Michael Benecke

Board Trustee

Michael Benecke has worked in various positions within Noble House for over thirty years, now serving as an active member of the Noble House Board of Directors.

Mr. Benecke started with Noble House in 1987 as its corporate controller. In 1992, Mr. Benecke became the company’s chief financial officer and in 2009, he took on the added role as president. Prior to joining Noble House, he worked in the controller’s division of four corporate owned Sheraton hotels.

Michael graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Business Administration – Accounting.