Noble Giving

For us, the natural environment is a stakeholder, too.

Noble House Hotels & Resorts is dedicated not only to reflecting the surrounding environment of our properties in essence and design, but to protecting and sustaining it as well. Across the collection, each location strives to provide fundamental and innovative practices that eliminate waste and support a sustainable future for our planet.

Bourdain Edgewater


Noble House Hotels & Resorts believes in prideful practices to aid and assist its community. On a corporate level, the team regularly donates and volunteers with local partners that benefit a variety of needful and impacting non-profit organizations. Property-wide, our Noble family members seek out and assist various local partners, and donate their time, space and services in an ongoing effort to improve their communities.

Scuba Diving

Noble Charities 

An ongoing goal of Noble House Hotels & Resorts is to assist in resolving the issues that impact all of our lives. Together, our corporate team and our properties partner with, and contribute to, a collection of organizations dedicated to restoring reefs, eliminating waste, reducing plastic usage, preserving the ocean, conserving water and supporting park restoration in nearby surrounding areas to help build a sustainable future for our planet.

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Noble Nature

Noble Nature is the Noble House Hotels & Resorts signature conservancy program, offering guests a choice of whether they wish to have their rooms serviced daily or not. When our guests choose to not have their room serviced daily, precious amounts of water are conserved, chemical exposure from cleaning agents is minimized, and energy usage lessened.

We feel such Noble pursuits are worthy of reward to our guests: anyone who opts to not have their room serviced daily will receive their choice of offered reward – be it dining credits or Stash Rewards points.