Property Management

It takes Sales, Design, IT, and more…

Everything we do at Noble House is focused on the customer, our most valuable asset, and to that end, we:

  • Aggressively and effectively penetrate upscale leisure markets by offering premier destination spa experiences, top-notch amenities, stellar dining and elite club membership opportunities.
  • Develop, market, and operate award-winning leisure resort and hotel destinations with state-of-the-art meeting facilities.
  • Renovate, reposition and enhance hotel and resort properties to attain maximum potential and appeal.
  • Ensure that the Noble House Hotels & Resorts brand is synonymous with excellence, and known for quality amenities, impeccable service and luxurious surroundings.

Business Development

If you wish to receive additional information about Noble House Hotels & Resorts, or to begin a conversation about an existing or planned project, please contact Mr. Sean Mullen below:

Sean Mullen / President, Sales, Revenue Management & Acquisitions

(Office) 425-636-5668
(Mobile) 864-991-6998
[email protected]


With a talented team of dedicated sales professionals located throughout the country, Noble House Hotels & Resorts provides targeted, strategic sales support in all market segments – including leisure, corporate and group. Each member of our sales team is handpicked to meet the needs and personality of each individual property, and is carefully trained and motivated to sell all areas of each resort – from banquets to spa to golf courses, as appropriate to the specific property. We concentrate on hiring the right talent for the right job at the right time.

Key attributes of the NH Sales Department, include:

  • Resourceful. In today’s challenging economy, sales professionals must be resourceful and tenacious. At Noble House, we pride ourselves on our enterprising sales team – all have top-notch credentials, as well as established relationships in key market segments, from group to catering to transient sales.
  • Strategic. Our carefully conceived sales deployment strategies include short- and long-term plans focused on capturing the greatest amount of business potential for the individual market.
  • Teamwork. At Noble House, we work closely together to cross-sell individual hotels and resorts, ensuring that sales team members are consistently selling all of our properties.
  • Technology. We utilize the latest Delphi multi-property automated system – a competitive tool to boost sales and catering business – enabling us to access a central database of over 100,000 customer contacts.
  • Partnerships. We have firmly established partnerships with the best leisure agents in every region, as well as with leading sources of business and technology, among these: Conference Direct, Virtuoso, American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, Signature Travel and New Market Solutions.
  • Training/shopping. We provide state-of-the-art training for group, as well as transient sales, including customer need-based selling, up-selling programs, how to negotiate programs, and sales presentations. All of our sales teams undergo at least two training programs per year, and are shopped every other month – receiving written reports with specific, graded measures that are then put into action improvement programs.
  • Retention. We keep our sales professionals happy, inspired and motivated by incentive programs, special recognition, inspiration and special incentive trips. Therefore, they remain dedicated to Noble House and their jobs at the company.


Over the last thirty years, Noble House Hotels & Resorts has recognized the inherent importance of hotel design, forging enduring relationships with architects, interior and landscape designers who understand our philosophy of embracing the unique aspects of each location.

While NH properties encompass a wide variety of styles and tastes, each entity is approached in the same way, by:

  • Discovering the heart and soul of each respective area,
  • Defining the history of the property,
  • Delivering an entity that reflects a fresh, contemporary destination.

Our Design department ensures that the vision of each property is evident in each and every detail, and that vision communicated to every department in order to deliver a consistent, continuous message that is indigenous, yet distinctly Noble House. In order to accomplish these goals, when embarking on a new project, the Noble House Design team will:

  • Meet with ownership to clearly understand their vision.
  • Express its own perspective.
  • Create a strategic plan to cohesively implement both.
  • Involve key management in the design process to ensure that the concepts are pragmatic and workable – and will endure.

Each project begins with the creation of an overall site plan; then progresses to furniture placement and scale; and culminates with finishes and remaining details. The Noble House Purchasing department has relationships with key manufacturers, and also has the power to negotiate volume discounts. By working closely with the Sales and Marketing departments, the design team is also able to impart the theme/motif of each respective property into all guest room collateral and amenities. Products for the entire NH collection are purchased through a single supplier that provides the volume to deliver significant savings. This national program allows the properties to:

  • Receive sizable discounts on operational supplies,
  • Promote outlets within, and at the same time, brand the entire collection under the Noble House umbrella.


E-commerce is a rapidly growing and integral component of Noble House Hotels & Resorts’ comprehensive sales and marketing initiatives. Our enterprising in-house team of digital experts is adept at integrating digital strategy into our business cycle, utilizing advanced methods of electronic marketing, such as search engine optimization, social media management, a CRM platform for hospitality marketers and more.

In addition, our e-commerce pros manage and oversee all aspects of Web site development, revenue generation and lead generation for Noble House’s 13 property Web sites, as well as upgrading business technologies to support Noble House’s CRM strategy.

Our e-commerce team:

  • Develops Web-based tools and resources for managing hotel Web sites for leads, content, e-mail collection and consumer data
  • Oversees all Web site advertising, marketing and promotional initiatives to increase Web-based sales in all segments
  • Establishes and maintains a sophisticated Web analytics reporting structure and ROI solutions
  • Acts as liaison with creative marketing agencies on behalf of hotels on all Web-based advertising and e-marketing projects
  • Develops sophisticated technology-based marketing communications and CRM platform for hotels
  • Implements an aggressive keyword strategy and plan for each hotel’s organic search positioning and visibility
  • Increases e-mail collection and opt-in database programs for all Noble House properties
  • Assists hotels with e-commerce marketing plan development and aids properties in developing comprehensive seasonal online marketing initiatives
  • Develops new electronic collaterals for the communication vehicles such as electronic newsletters, e-mail templates, e-brochures, and flash presentations
  • Develops link-building strategies order for the hotels to raise page rank and popularity scores with the major search engines


At Noble House Hotels & Resorts, we strategically position, market and brand each of our properties to maximize market share and attain optimum earning potential. With many years of hospitality industry experience, our talented team of sales and marketing professionals helps define the marketing vision, philosophy, direction and expectations for each hotel in the Noble House collection – participating as an active collaborative partner in the marketing process. To that end, Noble House’s corporate Marketing department carefully oversees the complex marketing infrastructure – including creative development, Internet marketing and public relations divisions – to ensure that all of our hotels achieve key objectives.

We work closely with each property to develop the necessary resources and strategic tools for every sales and marketing division, including direct sales, guest history management, direct marketing, electronic marketing, revenue management, creative development and design, advertising, corporate marketing programs and guest loyalty initiatives. This entails facilitating the strategic planning and implementation of marketing plans and actions, as well as providing a full range of resources and support systems, such as:

  • Guiding the properties through marketing plan development and implementation
  • Participating as an active collaborative partner in the marketing process
  • Assisting in creating and refining each Noble House property’s identity and messaging
  • Developing a consistent Noble House “look” for all campaigns and initiatives
  • Providing the strategic direction for continuity and consistency in marketing communications, ensuring all programs are integrated and cohesive
  • Creating and coordinating the implementation of integrated marketing initiatives and campaigns
  • Overseeing the development of all collateral, brochures and marketing materials, ensuring they are budgeted, conceptualized, developed, reviewed, approved, printed and delivered in a timely manner
  • Providing guidance to all marketing divisions and partners, including advertising agencies and public relations firms, to ensure that the integrity of the Noble House brand and message is maintained
  • Maintaining open communication and guidance with property executives
  • Making regular property visits to validate that all appropriate marketing applications are deployed
  • Managing the advertising support partner and guest history analysis and direct marketing
  • Supervising public relations support for company as well as individual properties, ensuring that key messages are being communicated and publicity is maximized in respective areas.
  • Providing feedback to Noble House president as to progress, direction, and activity
  • Promoting proactive vs. reactive marketing implementation, with the goal of staying ahead of the market Above all, our sales and marketing team provides important leadership and guidance that underscores Noble House’s mission, vision, values and culture.


Noble House Hotels & Resorts’ Engineering department develops and oversees all maintenance systems, and works to protect the value of the company’s assets and facilities, including all buildings, property, systems and equipment. Ultimately, our engineering team is responsible for the comfort, protection and safety of our guests. Preventative maintenance is key to the efficient and effective operations of our resorts. To ensure that our systems run smoothly, each Noble House hotel follows a routine program in which every room – and each piece of mechanical equipment – is physically inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Every hotel adheres to a mandatory guestroom preventative maintenance schedule as well, with thorough inspections and maintenance scheduled in each room at least three times a year. In addition, each of Noble House’s 13 properties is responsible for checking and maintaining all safety equipment – including fire alarms, smoke detectors, heat detectors and fire pumps – reporting directly to our Engineering department. When Noble House acquires a new asset, the Engineering department is closely involved, immediately inspecting the building and equipment, setting up preventative maintenance and energy conservation programs, and implementing corporate engineering policies and procedures. Hallmarks of our Engineering department include:

  • Incentive programs encouraging all employees to create a safe environment
  • Regular physical inspection of all buildings, guestrooms and mechanical equipment
  • Development of preventative maintenance programs and implementing ongoing programs connected with mechanical equipment, guest rooms and public areas
  • Close, hands-on involvement when Noble House acquires a new asset-
  • Development of energy and water conservation programs, including installations of new “smart” thermostats in select properties
  • An accelerating focus on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products and equipment

Information Tech

Our Information Technology Department plays an integral role in the operations of Noble House Hotels & Resorts. The IT team takes great pride in their “can-do” ability to meet the challenges at hand in a moment’s notice, whether it’s being part of a transition team for new acquisitions or divestitures, a new development project, or providing support to properties and the corporate office.

Committed to providing Support:

  • 11 IT Professionals (3 Corporate & 8 at Properties)
  • Help/support desk
  • Acquisitions
  • Applications
  • Systems
  • Hardware
  • Security
  • Networks


  • Transitions- new acquisitions and divestitures
  • System Implementations and Upgrades
  • New Development
  • Renovations
  • Integration

Our IT Team is known for their expertise, integrity, efficiency, responsiveness, and effectively providing innovative solutions to any technology needs.

Human Resources

Our human resources department — a dynamic, visionary and critical function throughout the company — is the cornerstone of Noble House Hotels & Resorts. From developing training programs to implementing dress codes, our human resources team plays a pivotal part in hiring, educating and supporting more than 2,700 employees company-wide. A primary focus for the Noble House human resources department is to impart the company’s Core Values to each and every employee. These include: Smile, Speak first and last, Pay attention to details, Know your property, Anticipate needs, Resolve guest issues promptly, Thank guests and Have fun. In fact, everything Noble House does – from orientation and employee training to performance evaluation – reinforces these key points, and we consistently reward employees who embody them.

We believe that a positive work environment translates to a positive guest experience. To foster associate goodwill, Noble House even has a Corporate Director of Great People, whose job is solely to develop, train and support associates. Her total focus is to help associates successfully interact with our guests. In addition, every Noble House hotel has a series of associate relations activities, from themed cafeteria days to managers serving lunch on an associate appreciation day.

Positive reinforcement and associate recognition are an important and vital part of our company culture, and ultimately enhance the guest experience as well. We pride ourselves on our work environment, which is evidenced by our primary source of new hires: associate referrals.

Additional hallmarks of our human resources department include:

  • A “train the trainer” approach. To ensure that new hires develop good habits, Noble House provides training to frontline trainers at all properties.
  • Reinforcement of positive behavior by anonymous and continuous testing of our services and standards.
  • Competitive wage and benefits packages. We test each marketplace and determine the fair rate for a respective position.
  • Standards programs carefully designed to help associates be successful.
  • An outstanding retention rate. Year after year, more than 60 percent of our employees stay with Noble House, which is proof positive that we are an employer of choice in our respective marketplaces.

A unique approach to each marketplace. For example, one property may have a dress code of suits, another khakis. We look very carefully at what makes sense for a particular environment.


Over the years, Noble House Hotels & Resorts has built a highly respected Finance department based on integrity, strong operational know-how and sound financial practices. Our bottom line is to assure the long-term profitability and fiscal viability of each property, while functioning as financial advisors and resources to both our external and internal customers. In fact, all the members of our financial team are longstanding Noble House employees, with many years of hotel industry experience, as well as considerable finance, budgeting and accounting acumen.

Our common focus is accountability. Indeed, we consistently communicate our financial data in a timely, accurate and usable way — concentrating not on short-term gains, but on long-term value and profit. We invest in and plan for our future, providing strategic and other invaluable resources to our onsite management teams. By adhering to our core philosophy of managing in front of the P & L,” we keep ahead of the curb, controlling expenses and proactively managing expenses before they are accrued.

We are committed to:

  • Meticulous, forward-thinking tax planning and forecasting
  • Effective labor management practices in order to control costs
  • Strategic budgeting and forecasting
  • Fixed and variable staffing standards and zero-based operating standards
  • Accurate and timely reporting: monthly financials are due on the fifth working day of each month
  • Continuous communication and updates, including weekly dashboard and monthly forecasting
  • Comprehensive annual budgeting
  • Reduced costs through strict vendor selection, improved productivity and efficient technologies
  • Effective cash management and cash flow reporting
  • Financial analysis: ROI, IRR, DCR
  • 60-day external audit issuance and tax return filing
  • Rigorous internal audits
  • Fixed asset accounting and tax impact
  • Sales and use tax compliance
  • Detailed property tax valuation
  • A seasoned investment committee with 401(k) annual contract review

In short, the hallmarks of our financial team are: expertise; accountability; ensuring consistent, accurate and sound financial reporting; profitability and integrity.


At Noble House Hotels & Resorts, we are serious about revenue management and its significant impact on our bottom line. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction as well as profitability, our corporate team of experienced revenue management professionals works closely with each of our properties to ensure they attain the highest possible financial returns. To that end, our Revenue Management department painstakingly monitors, analyzes and refines each hotel’s yield management process in regards to rooms, food and beverage, spa and other resort venues.

Our ultimate goal: to guarantee that each Noble House property is properly positioned in its respective market operating at its fullest potential and producing optimum financial returns in all areas, from retail to meetings to dining. Our revenue management team carefully:

  • Monitors and directs portfolio revenue management
  • Facilitates the implementation of aggressive revenue management and yield-selling programs at each property, including reservation capture and tracking
  • Ensures optimum communication and property availability through distribution channels
  • Identifies opportunities for GDS advertising and promotion
  • Provides leadership guidance and direction in the development, training and monitoring of property revenue managers
  • Promotes relationship-driven alliances with Consortia and web-based travel partners
  • Maintains and monitors resort penetration index analysis and history
  • Provides key input and guidance for appropriate leisure market positioning and penetration
  • Evaluates and monitors MLS restriction and applications
  • Evaluates pricing to meet demand
  • Monitors training programs and shopping performances