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A Trio Comes to Town: Inside the Aggieland Micro-District

A Toast With Beer.
If you love local craft beverages and are looking for things to do in College Station, the Aggieland Micro-District is here to answer your happy hour prayers.

A winery, brewery, and whiskey distillery walk into a rundown warehouse district – tell us if you’ve heard this one before…

A neighborhood of College Station, Texas, formerly home to a swath of rundown warehouse buildings from the 1990s, is now home to the bustling residents of three local tasting rooms. Aggieland Micro-District has been up and coming since local brewery, New Republic, first moved to the space in 2010. Since then, two more craft beverage producers have moved in – Rio Brazos Distillery and Perrine Winery – drawing crowds every weekend. On any given Saturday, you can walk the micro-district and be inundated by the smells of food trucks, the sounds of live tunes, and the taste of great craft beer, wine, or whiskey – made in Aggieland, by Aggies, for everyone.

New Republic Brewery

Germanesque wooden beer hall tables, Texas A&M paraphernalia, and the smell of hops greets you at the door of this Aggieland brewery. Even without its distillery and winery neighbors, this brewery has some diverse offerings, if you like good beer, you’re in the right place. From a cherry Belgian crowd-pleaser to more acquired tastes like a sweet potato porter, there is a beer for everyone. With happy hour specials, college football screenings, and live entertainment, it is one of the most quintessential things to do in College Station.

Rio Brazos Distillery

You’ve probably heard of kettle-cooked chips, but how about kettle-distilled whiskey? Well according to owner Nathan Barkman, Rio Brazos is one of the few Texas distilleries that kettle distills its whiskey, making for a more full-bodied spirit. Clearly, the people of Aggieland can’t get enough because, in addition to being at the tasting room, you can find Rio Brazos whiskey on store shelves and behind bars throughout College Station.

Perrine Winery

Wine racks climb the walls of this popular BYO food tasting room and winery, specializing in American-grown varietals, world-grown varietal blends, fruit-infused, dessert wines, and wine freezes. Comfortable indoor seating and a deck with cafe lighting have patrons coming for the 60 different handcrafted wines and staying for the atmosphere. Beth Perrine Leopold and her husband Rick began Perrine Winery to occupy their time in retirement – both having worked in agriculture their whole lives, it seemed like a natural evolution. And the winery has all the comforting tells of a family-owned place, from their welcoming vibe to the care they take to create the best product they can for their customers.
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