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Ancient Ritual Treatments at Noble’s Spa Resorts

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deep-tissue or Swedish massage may be all you’re looking for in your next spa experience. But for the true spa retreat or vacation, the one that leaves you fully refreshed in a whole new way, we wouldn’t blame you for looking for something more. It was with this idea that Dan Pierotti, Noble House’s vice president of spa development and operations, first built this line of signature SpaTerre treatments to bring exotic ancient rituals to your treatment room.

The concept is anything but a reach. “The language of touch and massage, bath and scrub, is the perfect place to experience, re-live, and revive ancient traditions,” says Kim Collier, founder of product line Jamu Asian Spa Rituals. “As we grow to realize that we are a global village, spa rituals and traditions help us to better understand our neighbors, so to speak. It’s very important to translate global traditions for the modern-day spa.”
Fiji, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia  – they’re all represented at the five signature SpaTerre spa resorts in Florida, California, and Jackson, Wyoming. Here, we highlight some of the ritual treatments that will transport you from your massage table to another time and place.

Javanese Royal Treatment

This traditional ritual, once exclusive to royalty in Java, includes a Balinese massage, essential oil and herbal exfoliation, cool yogurt splash, and a soak in rose petals.

Volcanic Earth Clay

The feet and full body are massaged in this uniquely Balinese treatment, highlighted by a cocooning wrap in detoxifying volcanic clay.

Thai Herbal Therapy

Hot poultices, consisting of medicinal herbs, are used to relieve tense muscles in this revitalizing treatment that also includes traditional Thai massage

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Warmed hand-carved salt crystals from salt caves deep below the Himalayan Mountains are combined with Swedish massage, reflexology, and traditional Chinese medicine in this treatment encompassing thermal, salt, and massage therapy all in one.

Fijian Pedicure

Carved wooden bowls from Fiji are used to pour warm water over calves and feet during this luxurious pedicure. Coconut oil (pressed and packed in Fiji) is the star moisturizing ingredient.


Ancient Earth Cleanse

This rite begins with a dry brushing of the skin to remove dead skin cells and the application of a full body macadamia clay mask. It is then followed by a full body massage using rich body butter, combining long gentle strokes with kneading and firm circular movements for relaxation and to increase circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluid.

Fire-Stick Purification

Inspired by the traditional smoke ceremonies of aborigines, this rite begins with a “smudging ceremony,” followed by a lime blossom scrub and deeply hydrating boomerang massage.

Boomerang Massage

Paying homage to indigenous Australian heritage, the ergonomically designed boomerang is used to soothe deep muscular aches and pains.Little Palm Island Resort & Spa // Ocean Key Resort & Spa // LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort // Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa // Kona Kai Resort & Spa

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