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5 Best Ways to Get on the Water in Key West

Best Ways to Get on the Water in Key West
When it comes to the never-ending list of Florida Keys activities, there are perhaps none more thrilling than those that are of a watery nature.

If searching for some adventure-filled Florida Keys activities, you don’t have to look far for inspiration when staying at Ocean Key Resort & Spa, rising from the water right off Key West’s famed Mallory Square, or Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, set on its own island accessed by boat from Little Torch Key (Mile Marker 28.5). In fact, both of these resorts are the ideal diving off point into Key West’s wonderful world of watersports.

Wreck Diving

Scuba divers aren’t used to underwater destinations built just for them, but that’s the scenario along the Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail, a string of purposely sunk wrecks (as well as some that met unplanned demises) that stretches from Key Largo to Key West, completed in 2009. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa’s dive shop runs trips to the Adolphus Busch, a 210-foot-long freighter 60 to 110 feet down off Looe Key.


Imagine getting eye level with a 10-pound hogfish while in search of the perfect dinner catch. This ancient form of fishing leaves the rod back on dry land, requiring a more active, adrenaline-induced hunt that mixes fishing and free diving skills while plunging 10 or more feet down, spear gun in hand. Book a fishing trip with Spear IT Charters, and leave from Geiger Key, Mile Marker 10.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Water clarity and wildlife is what makes your everyday kayak excursion alluring here in the Keys, but get a standing vantage on a two-hour stand-up paddleboarding tour with SUP Key West and it can be even cooler with the ability to see fish, rays, and turtles below and heron, egrets, and pelicans above.

Kite Boarding

This sport can seem daunting with experts harnessing the wind at a break-neck clip and flying into the air like puppets on a string. Take heart! You can join them after taking the Beginner Course with Otherside Boardsports (which starts on land with you learning wind theory, setup, launching, landing, and kite control) in the prime learning terrain off Islamorada. Shallow waters and a sandy bottom here make the learning curve truly conquerable.
Little Palm Island Resort & Spa // Ocean Key Resort & Spa

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