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Seattle Monorail

Your Guide to Retro Seattle

While most cities are all about touting their modern amenities, Seattle embraces an undeniably retro vibe. Here’s a look at the midcentury shops, monorails, and Mad Men–esque hangouts that make Seattle’s past worth revisiting.

Your Best Beach in Redondo Beach

Your Best Beach in Redondo Beach

Beach hopping is easy when you stay at the Portofino Hotel & Marina. Whether looking for bars and restaurants, shopping, surfing, or just relaxation, there’s a beach in the Los Angeles area best for you.

classy key west bars that break the mold

Classy Key West Bars That Break the Mold

Don’t let the dive bars of Duval Street fool you. There are plenty of classy Key West bars home to thoughtful ingredients, curated menus, and creative cocktails. You just need to know where to look.

Pool At Laplaya.

LaPlaya's & Naples's Twin Transformations

2018 marks half a century since LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort opened its doors, and they’re thriving more than ever thanks to a $30 million renovation and the ever increasingly popular destination of Naples, Florida.

John Bortz

Meet John Bortz, the REIT Risk Taker

Creativity has always been central to John Bortz’s job running a hotel real estate investment firm. With his latest act, he also mastered the art of timing.