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Look the Part: Geek Chic

Bow Tie
From the Book Butlers to in-room art galleries, alchemist mixology lessons, and Sudoku sleep-ins, The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis embraces your inner-geek like few places in the country. One look at the library alone, with its massive central fire pit and cozy reading spots, and you’ll want to dive in to some Thomas Friedman quick-quick.

Yet today, your geeky side doesn’t have to stay on the inside. This is an era in which we celebrate the brains driving our industry and science like never before. And fashion and style are right there along for the ride. Geek chic doesn’t start and end with nerd glasses. Here, we help you look the part to live the part.

PERSOLE, Suprema,, $270

HARD GRAFT, Men’s High Boot Heritage,, $450

MEMOTO, Lifelogging Camera,, $279

IZOLA, Letter Opener,, $20

DODO Case, Color Block,, $80

FORAGE HABERDASHERY, Cinnamon Bowtie,, $58

The Commons Hotel

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